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Why Medicare Supplement Insurance?

What does a Medicare supplement plan offer?

  • Easy to use –  Works in sync with Original Medicare (Parts A & B).

  • No hassles – Medicare supplement plans do not require a network; members can see any provider that accepts Medicare patients. In addition, claim forms and referrals are required rarely, if at all.

  • Freedom – Along with no network restrictions at home, when traveling, coverage goes with insureds anywhere in the United States, as long as the provider they
    see accepts Medicare patients.

  • Guaranteed coverage– During open enrollment, applicants can’t be turned down for coverage. Open enrollment is the six month period that starts at 65 or older, beginning on the Medicare Part B effective date.* Plans are also guaranteed renewable, so if a retiree likes their plan, they can keep it year after year, without the hassle of re-enrolling. Additionally, once someone has been accepted, coverage cannot be denied unless a material misrepresentation has been made on an application or premiums are not paid on time.

Set it and forget it!

Thanks to the guaranteed renewable coverage, retirees can “set it and forget it” – as long as they continue to pay their premiums, once they’ve enrolled in a plan, they won’t have to worry about choosing coverage again!

Select Plans

There are plans which have “Select” options. The premium will be lower than for the traditional non-Select plan, and the retiree must use a specific network of care providers.