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Making the Transition

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare) is committed to making a smooth and successful transition for your retirees into AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Here is an overview of what UnitedHealthcare will do for your company:

  1. Introduction of AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

    Contact us and speak with one of our representatives about scheduling a meeting at your office.

  2. Company presentation

    We can arrange a time that is convenient for you, and provide a complete overview of AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and how they can benefit your company and retirees.

  3. Communicating with your retirees

    After you have made the decision to offer AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, we provide all the marketing information to your retirees, so they have a clear understanding of their supplemental health insurance options. We can personalize our materials for your company and we will be able to answer any questions and offer assistance in helping them choose the plan that fits their needs. Education meetings can also be arranged for retirees who want to learn more about Medicare supplement plans. (There is a minimum size requirement for this offer.)

  4. Management of retiree enrollments

    To make everything easier for you and your HR Department, our licensed insurance agents/producers will handle on-site enrollment meetings (this is only offered for larger groups), sign-ups and all the details associated with getting your retirees enrolled in the AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan of their choice.

  5. Follow up and support

    The staff at UnitedHealthcare will be there for your company and your retirees. We provide quick turnaround when processing claims, billing, future enrollments and much more. And since our representatives have access to employer accounts, they can speak to any subsidy arrangements set up in our system about a specific retiree's situation. UnitedHealthcare wants you to consider us a partner in helping your retirees get the care and service they deserve.

On-site Customer Service

For groups that meet the size requirement, UnitedHealthcare can provide personalized service during your transition period from highly trained professionals, who can come to your office, answer Medicare supplement questions and provide health-related education.

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