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Benefits to Your Industry

Want to know how a Medicare supplement plan can help your industry specifically?


There are many challenges to providing health insurance to a group when everyone’s needs, budget, and circumstances are different. AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans can be a wonderful solution for any organization trying to provide benefits to a diverse group of people with varied needs. Flexible, available in all states and territories, with up to 8 different plans to choose from (in most states - plans vary in MA, MN, WI), AARP Medicare Supplement Plans can meet the grade!

Religious Institution
Even for those who have served and continue to serve their faith, health care is a necessity for anyone growing older. Like any Medicare supplement plans, AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are low-hassle and convenient, with guaranteed issue and coverage. Once a member is enrolled, they will never have to enroll again unless they choose to change plans!* AARP Medicare Supplement Plans also feature competitive rates that make it easy to anticipate expenses.

Many municipal governments find themselves searching for a good solution for their retiree health care needs. Whether you are committed to offering a certain level of benefits or just want to make sure your retirees have access to the care they deserve, a Medicare supplement plan is an excellent resource to provide your retirees with the care they need.

Providing an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan and a Prescription Drug Plan may save both the employer and retiree money in comparison with a group plan.


Commercial Group
Looking for a way to show your retirees you care, or an attractive incentive for company loyalty? Medicare supplement insurance plans can help with this. By providing these plans, a company can show their investment in their retirees, and provide some guidance by helping retirees to find a plan that fits their needs and budget. With the popular split-billing feature, you can set a subsidy amount and know that UnitedHealthcare will bill the remaining amount directly to the retirees.

Making the Transition

By the Numbers

Over 1,200 employers have chosen to offer AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, spanning over 267,000 retirees, 50 states, and also U.S. territories.  

Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Coverage

Many employers choose to offer both a Medicare supplement plan and a PDP plan to ensure their retirees have as comprehensive insurance as possible.