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Marketing Information for Employees

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare) will provide a comprehensive communication plan to let your retirees know about their new healthcare options. Here are some methods of communication to retirees:

  • Announcement Letter – UnitedHealthcare will help you draft a letter to your employees which will introduce the change and new plan options.

  • Open Enrollment Meetings (circumstantial) – Depending on the size and location of your group, UnitedHealthcare may offer Open Enrollment meetings. These feature staff members who will be on site to provide a presentation, answer individual product questions, and assist with enrollment.

  • Marketing Materials – There is a 4 effort process designed to help your retirees understand the changes and successfully enroll in coverage.

    • Enrollment Kit – This contains information about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, rates, an enrollment application, a glossary, and more.

    • Reminder Postcard

    • Reminder Brochure

    • Condensed Enrollment Kit - Contains basic plan information, rates, and an enrollment application.

Welcome Materials

Once retirees are enrolled, a member can expect to receive a Welcome Kit, an AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan card, and (if they are new to AARP), an AARP card.

Specific Needs

If a group has additional needs, our marketing team will help to meet them - whether it's messaging about subsidies or invitations to Open Enrollment meetings.