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AARP Medicare Supplement Benefits 

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare) cares about the benefits your company's supplemental retiree health coverage brings you.

UnitedHealthcare believes it's important to offer benefits and excellent service to your company.

AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are the plans of choice for more than 4 million AARP members nationwide.* Contact UnitedHealthcare today and you'll see why this is a smart choice for your organization.

  • No administrative hassles – UnitedHealthcare streamlines the transition process from group plans to individual Medicare health care plans to make everything simpler for you. Then they manage the administrative services, billing, claims and more.

  • Competitive, cost-effective rates – Rates for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans have increased an average of only 2.8% each year nationally between 2014 and 2018.* UnitedHealthcare also insures over 4 million AARP members nationwide*, so rates can remain as stable as possible.

  • Excellent customer service – UnitedHealthcare is here for your company and your retirees as well. Currently, the Member Satisfaction Rate (for those surveyed) is 95%**, with 96% of those surveyed satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism of our customer service. **

  • Variety of plans for retirees – With 8 plans available in most states, (plans vary in MA, MN and WI), you will be able to offer your retirees a choice of retirement plan options to meet their needs. And your company can subsidize all of the employer retirement choices or only a few plans, which gives you and your retirees the flexibility you need.

  • Choice of contribution levels – Employers can subsidize all, some or none of the monthly premium retirees will pay. This fits the budgets and needs of each employer. Your company also has the option to customize contribution levels for each individual, so not all retirees have to maintain the same subsidy. Plus, you can select monthly billing options, split billing and online invoices. Discover all of the conveniences and benefits of our program for your human resources.

  • Personalized transition planning and implementation – UnitedHealthcare's goal is to partner with you, and help your retirees become better-informed about supplemental health care options. To do this, we include numerous communication touch points to educate your retirees. UnitedHealthcare is committed to directing our efforts and resources in ways that will be most helpful to your company.

See why over 1,200 employers have selected AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans for their retirees.

Simple Billing Arrangements

Value-added Services

Once a retiree enrolls in an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan they will have access to the following value-added services (these services are not available in all states):‡

Introducing At Your Best by UnitedHealthcare™

Renew Active™ by UnitedHealthcare:
Access to an extensive network of participating gyms and fitness locations at no additional cost and online brain health tools.

  • AARP® Staying Sharp:
    Online brain health program that helps support a healthy brain lifestyle. For insured members of the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, AARP Staying Sharp includes: a brain health assessment, articles, brain exercises, activities, recipes, and brain games.

Hearing Care Program by HearUSA:
A discount on hearing aids and access to screenings by certified HearUSA hearing care providers. The Hearing Care Program by HearUSA includes:

  • The AARP member rate plus an additional $100 discount on hearing devices in the top 5 tiers of technology and features, ranging from standard to premium.
  • Extended warranties on many of HearUSA’s digital hearing aids.
  • Your very own hearing health support team.

AARP® Vision Discounts provided by EyeMed:
Save on eyewear purchases and routine eye exams. AARP Vision Discounts provided by EyeMed includes:

  • $50 eye exams at participant providers.*
  • At LensCrafters, take an additional $50 off the AARP Vision Discount provided by EyeMed or best in-store offer on no-line progressive lenses with frame purchase.**

24/7 Nurse line:
A registered nurse is available to discuss concerns and answer questions over the phone anytime, day or night. Interpretation services are available in Spanish, as well as in 140+ languages.

  • Nurses are also available to help guide your retirees to community resources. These resources may help provide assistance on transportation services, understanding medication cost options and availability of meal delivery services.

Wellness coaching:
Trained wellness coaches are available over the phone to provide personalized programs and support that may help you reach your specific wellness goals.

On-site Customer Service

For groups that meet the size requirement, UnitedHealthcare can provide personalized service during your transition period from highly trained professionals, who can come to your office, answer Medicare supplement questions and provide health-related education.