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Choosing AARP Medicare Supplement


How are AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans different from the plans other companies offer?

  • Rate stability –Nationally, AARP Medicare Supplement Plans have only increased an average of 2.6% annually between 2012 and 2016, while varying by specific plan, state and year.*

Average rate increases by year for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Freedom - Members have the flexibility to change to another AARP Medicare Supplement Plan at any time, if they qualify.

  • Savings Opportunity – In 37 states, an Enrollment Discount is offered to retirees who enroll in one of the AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans within a specified time period from their 65th birthday or Medicare Part B effective date, if later.  The discount offers 36% off at age 65, and decreases by 3% each year.

  • Trusted reputation - The only Medicare supplement plans that carry the AARP name.


5% household discount (in most states) – Savings are available on monthly premiums when two members of the same household are on the same account and each is insured under an AARP-branded supplemental insurance policy with UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

$2 per month savings – If the retiree provides payment using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), they can take $2 off the total
monthly household premium.

$24 annual payer discount – Retirees can take $24 off their annual household premium amount if they pay their full premium amount at once.

High Satisfaction Rates

95% of those surveyed are satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism of UnitedHealthcare's customer service** and more than 98% of claims are processed within 10 days.*